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Dr. Christian Meets the Women

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68 Minutes


A "professor" hits Dr. Christian's town, promising the local women dramatic weight loss in a very short time if they follow his regimen of strict diet and a particular type of diet pill. Dr. Christian tries to warn them that the man is a dangerous charlatan but, mesmerized by the prospect of almost instantaneous weight loss, the women ignore his warnings.


Bertha Priestley
Diedra Vale
Dorothy Adams
Dorothy Lovett
Edgar Kennedy
Frank Albertson
Grace Hayle
Gretchen Kisker
Heinie Conklin
Jean Hersholt
Julie Carter
Lafe Mckee
Lee Shumway
Lelah Tyler
Lynn Merrick
Maude Eburne
Phil Arnold
Phyllis Kennedy
Rod La Rocque
Veda Ann Borg
William Gould



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