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The Story of Jacob and Joseph

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104 Minutes


The made-for-television movie The Story of Jacob and Joseph tells the Biblical tale of Jacob (Keith Michell) and Esau (Julian Glover), who spend 20 years fighting over their birthright. They eventually reconcile and sell their younger brother, Joseph (Tony Lo Bianco) into slavery. Joseph is taken to Egypt, where he becomes the Pharoah's chief advisor, yet he still resents his family for selling him into slavery.


Alan Bates
Amnon Meskin
Bennes Mardenn
Colleen Dewhurst
Harry Andrews
Herschel Bernardi
Joseph Shiloach
Julian Glover
Keith Michell
Rachel Shore
Shmuel Atzmon
Tony Lo Bianco
Yehuda Efroni
Yossi Graber
Zila Carni



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