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Our Idiot Brother

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90 Minutes


Sisters Liz, Miranda (Elizabeth Banks of TV's 30 ROCK, ZACK & MIRI MAKE A PORNO, ROLE MODELS) and Natalie (Zooey Deschanel of (500) DAYS OF SUMMER, YES MAN, TV's THE NEW GIRL), have an idiot for a brother. Perennially upbeat Ned (Paul Rudd of I LOVE YOU MAN, DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS, 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN), an erstwhile organic farmer, is utterly lacking in common sense. After his girlfriend dumps him and boots him off their farm, Ned turns to his sisters, who once again come to his rescue, each taking a turn housing their troublemaker sibling. Ned's unfailing commitment to honesty creates more than a few messes in their comfortable routines, but as the sisters' lives begin to unravel, they come to realize that maybe, in his steadfast optimism, Ned isn't such an idiot after all.


Adam Scott
Adi Hanash
Alexia Rasmussen
Andrew Secunda
Bob Stephenson
Camille Bright
Elizabeth Banks
Emily Mortimer
Francesca Papalia
Gina Artese
Hugh Dancy
James Biberi
Janet Montgomery
Kathryn Hahn
Kathy Fitzgerald
Katie Aselton
Kelly Briter
Lucas Near-Verbrugghe
Lydia Haug
Marceline Hugot
Matthew Mindler
Neal Lerner
Nick Sullivan
Nikki E. Walker
Paul Rudd
Peter Hermann
Polly Draper
Rashida Jones
Shirley Knight
Sterling K. Brown
Steve Coogan
T. J. Miller
Teja Frank
Wrenn Schmidt
Zooey Deschanel



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