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My Own Private Idaho

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104 Minutes


"I always know where I am by the way the road looks..." Keanu Reeves ("The Matrix" trilogy, "The Day the Earth Stood Still") and Academy Award and Golden Globe-nominee River Phoenix ("Running on Empty," "Stand by Me") star in Academy Award-nominated director Gus Van Sant's ("Milk," "Good Will Hunting") seminal meditation on the nature of innocence as two young men living on the fringes of society peddle their bodies for sex. Amiable, none-too-bright street hustler Mike Waters works the streets of the Pacific Northwest with his best friend Scott Favor. Mike secretly loves Scott, and Scott, the son of Portland's wealthy mayor, secretly yearns to cast off the friendship of his fellow lowlifes and assume his birthright of wealth, power and respectability. Based on William Shakespeare's play, "Henry IV, Part I."


Ana Cavinato
Bryan Wilson
Chiara Caselli
Conrad 'Bud' Montgomery
David Reppinhagen
Douglas Tollenen
Eric Hull
George Conner
Grace Zabriskie
Greg Murphy
James A. Arling
James Russo
Jessie Thomas
Jessie Thomas
Jim Caviezel
Joshua Halladay
Keanu Reeves
Lannie Swerdlow
Mario Stracciarolo
Mark Weaver
Massimo Di Cataldo
Matthew Ebert
Melanie Mosely
Michael Parker
Michael Parker
Michael Peter Balzary
Mickey Cottrell
Mike Cascadden
Oliver Kirk
Pao Pei Andreoli
Paolo Baiocco
Pat Patterson
River Phoenix
Robert Egon
Robert Lee Pitchlynn
Rodney Harvey
Sally Curtice
Scott Patrick Green
Shaun Jordan
Shawn Wight
Stanley Hainsworth
Steve Vernelson
Steven Clark Pachosa
Tiger Warren
Tom Cramer
Tom Troupe
Udo Kier
Vana O'Brien
Wade Evans
Wally Gaarsland
William Richert



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