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The Last Shot

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90 Minutes


The Last Shot is the laugh-out-loud comedy caper that takes the movie business, the Mob, and the FBI and turns them into some very funny business indeed. Matthew Broderick (The Stepford Wives) and Academy Award® nominee Alec Baldwin (Best Supporting Actor, The Cooler, 2003; Along Came Polly) head a cast of outstanding stars who steal scenes and grab your funny bone every chance they get. After years of being on the A-List of complete failures, Hollywood screenwriter Steven Schats (Broderick) meets Joe Devine (Baldwin), a producer who green-lights his movie and makes him the director. But Devine isn't who he claims to be, not by a long shot. He's really an FBI agent using the movie in a sting to take down the mob. Inspired by the true story of the greatest movie never made, The Last Shot is truly funny.


Abel Soto
Adam Mccarthy
Alec Baldwin
Amy Smallman
Blue Deckert
Buck Damon
Buck Henry
Calista Flockhart
Casey Mccarthy
Eric Roberts
Evan Jones
Gina Doctor
Glenn Morshower
Ian Gomez
James Rebhorn
Jesse Burch
John Prosky
Jon Polito
Judy Greer
Kelly Mcnair
Matthew Broderick
Michael Glover
Michael Papajohn
Pat Morita
Peter Sherayko
Ray Liotta
Richard Penn
Richard Penn
Robert Axelrod
Robyn Rosenkrantz
Ross Canter
Russell Means
Sean Whalen
Shoshannah Stern
Stanley Anderson
Stephanie Venditto
Stephanie Venditto
Sybyl Walker
Tava Smiley
Thomas Mccarthy
Tim Blake Nelson
Toni Collette
Tony Shalhoub
Troy Winbush
Valeria Hernandez
W. Earl Brown
Willam Belli
Willam Belli
Yorgo Constantine



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