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Star Kid

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101 Minutes


Things can't get much worse for Spencer Griffith (Joseph Mazzello, Jurassic Park); hailed as a dork in school and a dweeb at home, Spencer's only escape is in the comic book adventures of the "Midnight Warrior." But truth turns stranger than fiction when a meteor shower leaves behind a giant 7-foot tall warrior called "Cy," with super powers and a mind of its own! Spencer's social stock suddenly begins to rise. When a roving pack of intergalactic bounty hunters come gunning for Cy, it becomes the ultimate test of bravery as the giant and Spencer combine forces to save themselves- and the planet- in this spaced-out adventure the whole family will love.


Alex Daniels
Alissa Ann Smego
Ashlee Levitch
Bobby Porter
Brian Simpson
Christine Weatherup
Corinne Bohrer
Danny Masterson
Fred Kronenberg
Jack Mcgee
Joey Simmrin
Joseph Mazzello
Joshua Fardon
Larry Nicholas
Lauren Eckstrom
Richard Gilliland
Rusty Hanson
Terry Castillo
Yumi Adachi



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