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The Butcher's Wife

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107 Minutes


When Greenwich Village butcher Leo Lemke (George Dzundza) returns from a North Carolina fishing trip, he can't wait to show off his prize catch: his beautiful new wife, a country clairvoyant named Marina (Demi Moore). But the butcher's pride turns to prime concern when he hears gossip about a backwoods psychic whose charms are turning hardened city dwellers into lovestruck kids. Dr. Alex Tremor (Jeff Daniels), the local psychiatrist, isn't convinced of Marina's so-called powers. But his textbooks can't explain the joy she spreads, or the growing attraction he feels toward her. Co-starring Mary Steenburgen, The Butcher's Wife is "a charming tale of romantic love and magical adventure" (David Sheehan, KNBC-TV Los Angeles).


Demi Moore
Frances Mcdormand
George Dzundza
Jeff Daniels
Margaret Colin
Mary Steenburgen
Max Perlich
Miriam Margolyes



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