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Blast from the Past

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112 Minutes


When a man raised in a 1950s era bomb shelter emerges into the outside world for the first time--to find a nice non-mutant girl with whom to repopulate the earth--meets a savvy, cynical modern woman, sparks fly, opposites attract and the result is a wondrous chain reaction in this romantic comedy for the nuclear age--Blast from the Past. Adam's (Brendan Fraser "The Mummy," "The Mummy Returns") hapless search in the brave new world of homeless people, adult bookstores and all-night supermarkets leads him directly into Eve (Golden Globe-nominee Alicia Silverstone "Clueless," "Batman & Robin," TVs "Miss Match"). She's suspicious, smart about survival and uncertain of the possibilities of love. Her life has been a series of dead-end jobs, shallow boyfriends and dashed hopes. But the more Eve watches Adam approach the world with wide eyes, comic miscomprehension, joyous delight and a deliciously sweet innocence, the more she begins to find herself falling ... in love?


Alicia Silverstone
Brendan Fraser
Christopher Walken
Cynthia Mace
Dave Foley
Deborah Kellner
Don Yesso
Harry S. Murphy
Jenifer Lewis
Joey Slotnick
Mary Ann Hermansen
Nathan Fillion
Robert Sacchi
Rod Britt
Sissy Spacek



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