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The Lost World: Jurassic Park

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129 Minutes


Director Steven Spielberg takes us back to the scene of Jurassic Park in The Lost World, the blockbuster sequel with even more dinosaurs, more action and more breathtaking visual effects than its record-breaking predecessor. The Lost World remains among the most successful films of all time and features an all-star cast including Jeff Goldblum, Julianne Moore and Pete Postlethwaite. It has been four years since the disaster at Jurassic Park and two groups are in a race against time that will determine the fate of the remote island's prehistoric inhabitants.


Alex Miranda Cruz
Ariana Richards
Arliss Howard
Bari Buckner
Bernard Shaw
Billy Brown
Bob Boehm
Bradley Jensen
Brian Turk
C. Ransom Walrod
Camilla Belle
Carey Eidel
Colton James
Cyd Strittmatter
Darryl A. Imai
Darryl Oumi
David Sawyer
David St. James
Domini Hofmann
Eli Roth
Eugene Bass Jr.
Geno Silva
Gordon Michaels
Harvey Jason
Ian Abercrombie
J. Scott Shonka
Jacqueline Schultz
Jeff Goldblum
Jim Harley
Joseph Mazzello
Julianne Moore
Katy Boyer
Kenyon Williams
Marjean Holden
Patricia Bethune
Paul Fujimoto
Pete Postlethwaite
Peter Stormare
Richard Attenborough
Richard Schiff
Rick Wheeler
Robert 'Bobby Z' Zajonc
Robin Sachs
Ross Partridge
Steven Spielberg
Thomas F. Duffy
Thomas Rosales, Jr.
Thomas Stuart
Vanessa Lee Chester
Vince Vaughn
Vincent Dee Miles



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