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Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat

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104 Minutes


Bruce Campbell co-stars with David Carradine in a terrifying tale of bloodthirsty horror. The townsfolk of Purgatory are mean and ornery for one very good reason - they're vampires! Hidden away in their secret community, they come out at night and feast with gusto! Now the Harrisons, an unsuspecting family from "outside" have ventured into Purgatory. Count Margulak, the ruler of the vampires, has ended their tradition of human bloodletting. Now the vampires get their fix from synthetic bottled blood, a drink so distasteful it's making the natives crave the "real thing." Rebel leader Shane and his army plan to overthrow the count - but it won't happen without a fight! The battle for the "right to bite" - begins at Sundown!


Bert Remsen
Bruce Campbell
Dabbs Greer
Dana Ashbrook
David Carradine
Deborah Foreman
Elizabeth Gracen
George 'Buck' Flower
George Buck Flower
Helena Carroll
Jim Metzler
John Hancock
John Ireland
M. Emmet Walsh
Marion Eaton
Maxwell Caulfield
Morgan Brittany
Sunshine Parker



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