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Beauty and the Beast

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94 Minutes


The beautiful Rebecca De Mornay (The Three Musketeers) stars in this beloved live-action version of the classic fairy tale about finding true love in the unlikeliest of places - the haven of a monster! Featuring delightful musical numbers, lavish scenery and spellbinding magic, Beauty and the Beast reminds us that if you see with your heart, anything's possible! Beauty (De Mornay) is the family caretaker. While her sisters fret about gentleman callers, her only concern is for their father's wellbeing. So when he loses the family fortune and angers a beast (John Savage) that lives in a magnificent castle, Beauty dutifully agrees to become the beast's prisoner. But what she doesn't know is that his surprising kindness might also capture her heart.


Carmela Marner
John Savage
Joseph Bee
Michael Schneider
Rebecca De Mornay
Ruth Harlap
Yossi Graber



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