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Shall We Dance?

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107 Minutes


Golden Globe winner Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez step out in a delightfully sexy comedy with a sizzling allstar cast! John Clark is a meek workaholic who feels trapped in a dull, mind numbing existence. But one night, his whole life changes when the sight of a beautiful dance instructor (Lopez) inspires him to break out of his mold and sign up for some fancy footwork if he expects to keep his exciting new passion a secret from his family and friends. Also starring Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon and Stanley Tucci!


Anita Gillette
Ann Margaret Clements
Ashley Carruthers
Bobby Cannavale
Chantelle Leonardo
Charlotte Jorgensen
Christine Thibault
Daphne Korol
David Sparrow
Diana Salvatore
Holly Johnson
Jennifer Lopez
Karen Musey
Katya Virshilas
Lisa Ann Walter
Lorrie Papadopoulos
Mairi Babb
Nick Cannon
Omar Benson Miller
Onalee Ames
Rebecca Frohlinger
Richard Gere
Richard Jenkins
Sarah Lafleur
Stanley Tucci
Stark Sands
Susan Sarandon
Susie Langtry
Tamara Hope



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