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We Own the Night

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117 Minutes


What if your own family stood in the way of everything you worked for? Bobby Green (Joaquin Phoenix) has forsaken his name to escape his family and their tradition in law enforcement to pursue his ambitions as a Brooklyn nightclub owner. As he turns a blind eye to the drug dealers around him, he comes face to face with the family he abandoned when his brother (Mark Wahlberg) and father (Robert Duvall) crack down on the club. Now Bobby must choose a side. Is he going to turn informant or will he help run the biggest crime ring in New York history?


Aaron Scotti
Aaron Vexler
Al Linea
Alex Veadov
Antoni Corone
Ashley Avis
Barbara Ann Davison
Bernadette Lords
Blaise Corrigan
Christopher Place
Christopher Stadulis
Craig Walker
Craig Walker
Danny Hoch
Dominic Colon
Doug Torres
Ed Koch
Edward M. Kelahan
Edward Shkolnikov
Elliot Santiago
Eva Mendes
Frank Girardeau
Fred Burrell
Gina Hernandez
Hoon Lee
J.W. Cortes
Jamal Weathers
James Balsamo
Jeff Ward
Joaquin Phoenix
Joe D'Onofrio
Joe Forbrich
John Borras
Karen Nazarov
Karl Bury
Katie Condidorio
Loukas Papas
Luigi Scorcia
Maggie Kiley
Marilyn Salisbury
Mark Wahlberg
Martin Pfefferkorn
Mike Burke
Mike Massimino
Miriam Cruz
Moni Moshonov
Nina Lisandrello
Oleg Taktarov
Patrick M. Walsh
Paul Herman
Richard Petrocelli
Robert Bizik
Robert C. Kirk
Robert Duvall
Robert Mckay
Robert Myers
Ross Brodar
Salvatore Inzerillo
Samantha Macivor
Scott Nicholson
Sharon Wilkins
Sybelle Silverphoenix
Teddy Coluca
Tony Devon
Tony Guida
Tony Musante
Tyler Noble
Yelena Solovey



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