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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

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127 Minutes


The third installment in the widely beloved Spielberg/Lucas Indiana Jones saga begins with an introduction to a younger Indy (played by the late River Phoenix), who, through a fast-paced prologue, gives the audience insight into the roots of his taste for adventure, fear of snakes, and dogged determination to take historical artifacts out of the hands of bad guys and into the museums in which they belong. A grown-up Indy (Harrison Ford) reveals himself shortly afterward in a familiar classroom scene, teaching archeology to a disproportionate number of starry-eyed female college students in 1938. Once again, however, Mr. Jones is drawn away from his day job after an art collector (Julian Glover) approaches him with a proposition to find the much sought after Holy Grail. Circumstances reveal that there was another avid archeologist in search of the famed cup — Indiana Jones' father, Dr. Henry Jones (Sean Connery) — who had recently disappeared during his efforts. The junior and senior members of the Jones family find themselves in a series of tough situations in locales ranging from Venice to the most treacherous spots in the Middle East. Complicating the situation further is the presence of Elsa (Alison Doody), a beautiful and intelligent woman with one fatal flaw: she's an undercover Nazi agent. The search for the grail is a dangerous quest, and its discovery may prove fatal to those who seek it for personal gain. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade earned a then record-breaking $50 million in its first week of release.


Alex Hyde-White
Alexei Sayle
Alison Doody
Billy J. Mitchell
Bradley Gregg
Chris Jenkinson
David Murray
Denholm Elliott
Eugene Lipinski
Frederick Jaeger
Frederick Jaeger
George Malpas
Graeme Crowther
Harrison Ford
Isla Blair
J. J. Hardy
Jeff O'Haco
Jerry Harte
John Rhys-Davies
Julian Glover
Julie Eccles
Kevork Malikyan
Larry Sanders
Louis Sheldon
Luke Hanson
Marc Miles
Martin Gordon
Michael Byrne
Nicola Scott
Nina Armstrong
Pat Roach
Paul Humpoletz
Paul Maxwell
Peter Pacey
Richard Young
River Phoenix
Robert Eddison
Ronald Lacey
Sean Connery
Stefan Kalipha
Suzanne Roquette
Ted Grossman
Tim Hiser
Tom Branch
Vernon Dobtcheff
Vince Deadrick Sr.
Will Miles



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