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The Alarmist

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92 Minutes


David Arquette stars in this wickedly funny whodunit as Tommy Hudler, a naive all-American guy who lands a job as a door-to-door salesman for a home security company owned by Heinrich Grigoris (Stanley Tucci), a charismatic con artist. Heinrich and his sidekick Sally (Mary McCormack) are soon teaching Tommy how to take advantage of their gullible prey with slick sales techniques. Things start out well for Tommy as a gorgeous widow (Kate Capshaw) signs up for their services, and shows an interest in Tommy's "services" as well. They begin a steamy romance, but when sales hit a lull, a different side of his mentor emerges. Though he's appalled at Heinrich's underhanded tactics, Tommy takes no action-that is, until a sudden turn of events ends in murder, and Tommy becomes convinced Heinrich is behind it.


Clea Duvall
Colin Campbell
David Arquette
Hoke Howell
Kate Capshaw
Lewis Arquette
Mary Mccormack
Michael Learned
Ruth Miller
Ryan Reynolds
Stanley Tucci
Tricia Vessey



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