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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

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94 Minutes


Now on Digital HD. From visionary filmmakers Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov comes this visceral, satisfying thriller based on Seth Grahame-Smith's bestseller. Benjamin Walker turns in a killer performance as Abraham Lincoln, who must risk the presidency, his family and his life to protect America from bloodthirsty vampires. Lead by the diabolical Adam (Rufus Sewell), the vicious creatures plot to create a nation of their own – the U.S.! Thrust into an epic fight against the hideous undead killers, Lincoln must rely on those around him. But it's unclear who he can trust in this white-knuckle adventure that's ablaze with plot twists, blood-pumping action and spectacular effects!


Aaron Toney
Alan Tudyk
Alex Bulat
Alex Lombard
Anthony Mackie
Benjamin Walker
Bill Martin Williams
Cameron M. Brown
Chelsea Bruland
Curtis Harris
Dane Rhodes
Dominic Cooper
Earl Maddox
Erin Wasson
Frank Brennan
Jake La Botz
James Rawlings
Jaqueline Fleming
Jennifer Schemke
Jillian Batherson
Jimmi Simpson
John Neisler
John Rothman
Joseph Mawle
Kristin Daniel
Laura Cayouette
Lawrence Turner
Lux Haney-Jardine
Marton Csokas
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Meade Patton
Meade Patton
Raevin Stinson
Robin Mcleavy
Rufus Sewell
Simeon Sjöberg
Teri Wyble



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