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Piccadilly Cowboy

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100 Minutes


Piccadilly Cowboy is about a Montana Cowboy, named Carson Wells. Carson is unmarried and living abroad in London. A fish out of water, Carson works for a high power beef company, and is dating a beautiful, British girl named Lucy. Everything seems to be going well for him in the Big Smoke. When he decides to settle for their relationship and ask Lucy's grandfather, Mr. Armstrong, for her hand in marriage, the reply is that he must first find a husband for her older sister, Gemma. Whilst finding her a potential mate, his life changes forever as he discovers true love and resolves issues in his own personal life.


Barber Ali
Daniel Rabin
Dermot Keaney
Gwyneth Powell
Ian Bustard
Jaelan Petrie
James Greene
Katie Foster-Barnes
Kenneth Collard
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson
Ruth Leah
Sally Gardner
Sophie Shaw
Tom Butcher



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