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104 Minutes


RAIN is the story of a 19-year old African American girl who lives in the inner city projects with her younger sister Beneatha, her older brother Roy and their mother Latisha. Her sister becomes involved with gang members, is drugged at a party and then sexually explicit photos are taken of her and used for blackmail. Rain tries to intervene but is unsuccessful and ultimately witnesses her sister's murder; thus becoming a threat to the gang leader. In order to protect Rain her mother secretly contacts what turns out to be Rain's real mother who happens to be white. A meeting is arranged and Rain discovers her true roots and finds that she is the secret child of a bi-racial union and was put up for adoption. Rain's biological mother reluctantly agrees to protect her and Rain is placed in the home of her grandmother, a wealthy white woman. Their relationship starts as a love-hate exchange, but ultimately turns into a loving one. As a result of her grandmother's assistance, Rain is placed in a private boarding school for the gifted which culminates into Rain's emergence as a talented singer and musician.


Bret Anthony
Bret Anthony
Brooklyn Sudano
Cheryl Tanner
Faye Dunaway
Giancarlo Esposito
Grant James
Jerrika Hinton
Julius Washington
Katie Fountain
Khandi Alexander
Leeanne Locken
Manuel Velazquez
Robert Loggia



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