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Rage at Dawn

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87 Minutes


In this film's version of the story, four of the Reno Brothers are corrupt robbers and killers while a fifth, Clint (Denver Pyle) is a respected Indiana farmer. A sister, Laura (Mala Powers), who has inherited the family home, serves the outlaw brothers as a housekeeper and cook. One brother is killed when they go after a bank, the men of the town appear to have been waiting for them…


Arthur Space
Chubby Johnson
Denver Pyle
Edgar Buchanan
Forrest Tucker
Henry Wills
Howard Petrie
J. Carrol Naish
Jimmy Lydon
Kenneth Tobey
Mala Powers
Myron Healey
Ralph Moody
Randolph Scott
Ray Teal
Richard Garland
Trevor Bardette
William Forrest
William Phipps



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