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86 Minutes


The "me" generation is hilariously heralded in Cyra McFadden's satiric novel that playfully jabbed the residents of California's Marin County and their whirlwind search for the ultimate lifestyle. Set just across the bay from San Francisco, "Serial" depicts a year in the life of an affluent suburb where each new trend is eagerly consumed, from organic foods and EST to group jacuzzis. Harvey Holroyd (Martin Mull) gamely suffers through the insanity in an effort to please his wife Kate (Tuesday Weld) and their pouty teenage daughter (Jennifer McAllister). An all-star comedy cast including Sally Kellerman, Tom Smothers, Bill Macy, Peter Bonerz, and screen villain Christopher Lee brings "Serial" to life in a frank, funny parody of present-day-America.


Ann Weldon
Anthony Battaglia
Barbara Rhoades
Bill Macy
Billy Sands
Christopher Lee
Jennifer Mcallister
Jennifer Mcallister
Jon Fong
Martin Mull
Nita Talbot
Pamela Bellwood
Patch Mackenzie
Peter Bonerz
Sally Kellerman
Sam Chew Jr.
Stacey Nelkin
Tuesday Weld



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