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2 Days in Paris

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96 Minutes


A Parisian getaway becomes anything but romantic for a high-strung New York couple in 2 Days in Paris. Adam Goldberg (Zodiac) is Jack, an anxious, hypochondriac-prone New Yorker vacationing throughout Europe with his breezy, free-spirited Parisian girlfriend, Marion (Julie Delpy, Before Sunset). But when they make a two-day stop in Marion's hometown, the couple's romantic trip takes a turn as Jack is exposed to Marion's sexually perverse and emotionally unstable family, and her coarse temperament with cab drivers and her ex-lovers… her many ex-lovers. Culture-shocked and ego-bruised, Jack finds himself hoping that their relationship can survive as their love is revealed in surprising ways.


Adam Goldberg
Adan Jodorowsky
Albert Delpy
Alexandre Nahon
Alexia Landeau
Antar Boudache
Bela Grushka
Benjamin Baroche
Bulut Oktay
Charlotte Maury-Sentier
Chick Ortega
Corinne Visery
Daniel Brühl
Hubert Toint
Jean-François Perrone
Julie Bouvier
Julie Delpy
Julien Bichet
Ludovic Berthillot
Manuel Cortell
Marie Drion
Marie Pillet
Nanou Benhamou
Pascal Stencel
Patrick Chupin
Pierre Alloggia
René-Alban Fleury
Sandra Berrebi
Silvio Bolino
Soraya Mangin
Sylvain Menage
Thibault De Lussy
Vanessa Seward



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