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Bedtime Stories

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99 Minutes


Funnyman Adam Sandler stars in Walt Disney Pictures' Bedtime Stories, the magical family comedy that's packed with adventure and lots of heart. When Skeeter Bronson (Sandler) babysits his sister's (Courteney Cox) children, his imagination runs wild as he dreams up elaborate bedtime stories - always casting himself as the hero. Entranced, the children add their own ideas to these once-upon-a-time tales of heroics and chivalry. Then...magic happens. These nighttime fantasies become Skeeter's daytime realities, leading him on a real-life adventure in search of his own happy ending. Filled with colorful characters, humor and whimsy, this heartwarming comedy will enchant your entire family again and again.


Abigail Droeger
Adam Sandler
Aisha Tyler
Allen Covert
Andrew Collins
Annalise Basso
Bill Romanowski
Billy Tyler
Blake Clark
Carmen Electra
Catherine Kwong
Catherine Kwong
Courteney Cox
Dana Goodman
Debbie Lee Carrington
Denverly Grant
Guy Pearce
J.D. Donaruma
Jackie Sandler
Johntae Lipscomb
Jon Schueler
Jonathan Loughran
Jonathan Morgan Heit
Jonathan Pryce
Julia Lea Wolov
Kathryn Joosten
Keri Russell
Laura Ann Kesling
Lindsey Alley
Lorna Scott
Lucy Lawless
Melany Mitchell
Mike Andrella
Mikey Post
Nick Swardson
Paul Dooley
Richard Griffiths
Rob Schneider
Robert Harvey
Russell Brand
Sadie Sandler
Sarah G. Buxton
Sebastian Saraceno
Seth Howard
Shu Lan Tuan
Teresa Palmer
Thomas Hoffman
Tim Herlihy
Valerie Gervickas



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