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Glorifying the American Girl

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95 Minutes


The plot involves a young woman (Mary Eaton) who wants to be in the Follies, but in the meantime is making ends meet by working at a department store's sheet music department, where she sings the latest hits. She is accompanied on piano by her childhood boyfriend (Edward Crandall), who is in love with her, despite her single-minded interest in her career. When a vaudeville performer (Dan Healy) asks her to join him as his new partner, she sees it as an opportunity to make her dream come true. Upon arriving in New York City, our heroine finds out that her new partner is only interested in sleeping with her and makes this a condition of making her a star. Soon, however, she is discovered by a representative of Ziegfeld.


Daniel Healy
Eddie Cantor
Edward Crandall
Gloria Shea
Helen Morgan
Irving Berlin
Mary Eaton
Noah Beery
Rudy Vallée
Sarah Edwards



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