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The Bourne Identity

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119 Minutes


"A new action hero is Bourne!" (Access Hollywood) Get ready for the explosive, action-packed hit with incredible fight sequences, starring Academy Award® winner Matt Damon (Ocean's Eleven). Pulled from sea with two bullets in his back, Jason Bourne discovers he has the skills of a very dangerous man and no memory of his violent past. Racing to unlock the secret of his own identity, he discovers the deadly truth: he's an elite government agent. But to the government, Jason Bourne isn't just their property, he's a malfunctioning thirty million dollar weapon. Lethally trained, built to disappear, he's an agent on the run who has to be taken out. Now, the government's top operative has become it's number one target, in a supercharged, thrill-a-minute spectacular loaded with "Non-stop action!" (Bill Zwecker, FOX-TV)


Aaron Lilly
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Alain Grellier
Andrew Webster
Anthony Green
Arnaud Henriet
Brad Rizer
Bradley J. Goode
Brian Cox
Chris Cooper
Clive Owen
Danny Erskine
David Bamber
David Gasman
David Selburg
Delphine Lanson
Demetri Goritsas
Denis Braccini
Emanuel Booz
Franka Potente
Gabriel Mann
Gwenael Clause
Harry Gilbert
Houston Williams
Hubert Saint-Macary
Jean-Yves Bilien
Joe Montana
John Pawlikowski
Joseph Beddelin
Josh Hamilton
Joshua Mcnew
Julia Stiles
Kait Tenison
Katie Thynne
Matt Damon
Michael Rix
Nicky Naude
Orso Maria Guerrini
Paulette Frantz
Philippe Durand
Rainer Werner
Roger Frost
Ronald Benefield
Russell Levy
Thierry René
Tim Dutton
Troy Lenhardt
Vincent Franklin
Walton Goggins
William Cagnard



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