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To Save the Children

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90 Minutes


Teacher Jake Downey has relocated to a small town in Wyoming hoping to escape the urban problems of his last assignment. His myth of rural bliss is shattered when a former police officer comes unglued, builds a bomb and takes Jake's class hostage. The heroism of his true story unfolds as the hostage drama takes many surprising turns towards the phenomenal conclusion.


Barclay Hope
Cecilley Carroll
Corey Sevier
Dan Petronijevic
David Gow
Dianne Heatherington
Elizabeth Lennie
Goldie Semple
Graham Mcpherson
James Purcell
Jenny Parsons
Jessica Steen
Joanne Vannicola
Joseph Ziegler
Martin Doyle
Michael Copeman
Michael Rhoades
Michèle Duquet
Mike Anscombe
Richard Thomas
Robert King
Robert Urich
Shannon Lawson
Wendy Crewson
William Hope



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