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195 Minutes


Warren Beatty's award winning epic mixes drama and interviews with major social radicals of the period. "Reds" tells the story of the love affair between activists Louise Bryant and John Reed. Set against the backdrop of the tumultuous start of the twentieth century, the two journalists' on-again off-again romance is punctuated by the outbreak of WWI and the Bolshevik Revolution. Louise's assignment in France at the outbreak of the war puts an end to their affair. John Reed's subsequent trip to Russia, and his involvement with the Communist party, rekindles their relationship. When Louise arrives in Petrograd, she finds herself swept up in the euphoria of the Revolution. Reed, however, eventually becomes disillusioned with Communism when he sees his words and intentions augmented and controlled by the growing Soviet propaganda machine.


Adela Rogers St. Johns
Adele Gutman Nathan
Andreas La Casa
Andrew Dasburg
Arne Swabeck
Art Shields
Arthur Mayer
Bernadine Szold-Fritz
Bessie Love
Blanche Hays Fagen
Brenda Currin
Dave King
Denis Pekarev
Diane Keaton
Dolph Sweet
Dora Russell
Dorothy Frooks
Edward Herrmann
Eleanor D. Wilson
Emmanuel Herbert
Galina Von Meck
Gene Hackman
George Plimpton
Gerald Hiken
Hamilton Fish
Hamilton Fish
Harry Carlisle
Harry Ditson
Heaton Vorse
Henry Miller
Hugo Gellert
Ian Wolfe
Isaac Don Levine
Jack Nicholson
Jack O'Leary
Jacob Bailin
Jerry Hardin
Jerzy Kosinski
Jessica Smith
John Ballato
John J. Hooker
Jose De Fillippo
Joseph Buloff
Kathryn Grody
Kenneth Chamberlain
Leigh Curran
Lucita Williams
M. Emmet Walsh
Macintyre Dixon
Maureen Stapleton
Max Wright
Miriam Margolyes
Nancy Duiguid
Nicolas Coster
Nikko Seppala
Nina Macarova
Norman Chancer
Oleg Kerensky
Pat Starr
Paul Sorvino
Pertti Weckström
R. G. Armstrong
Ramon Bieri
Rebecca West
Roger Baldwin
Scott Nearing
Shane Rimmer
Stefan Gryff
Stuart Richman
Tess Davis
Warren Beatty
Will Durant
Will Weinstone
William Daniels



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