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120 Minutes


"Bobby" re-imagines one of the most explosively tragic nights in American history. By following the stories of 22 fictional characters in the Ambassador Hotel on the fateful eve that Presidential hopeful Senator Robert F. Kennedy was shot, writer/director Emilio Estevez and an accomplished ensemble cast forge an intimate mosaic of an America careening towards a moment of shattering change – as different characters navigate prejudice, injustice, chaos and their own complicated personal lives, while seeking the last glimmering signs of hope in Kennedy's idealism. In exploring the diverse experiences of ordinary people, the film celebrates the spirit of an extraordinary man and servers as a snapshot of this emblematic time in history.


Anthony Hopkins
Ashton Kutcher
Christian Slater
Daisy Tormé
Demi Moore
Elijah Wood
Emilio Estevez
Harry Belafonte
Heather Graham
Helen Hunt
Joshua Jackson
Joy Bryant
Laurence Fishburne
Lindsay Lohan
Martin Sheen
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Michelle Ruff
Nick Cannon
Sharon Stone
Shia Labeouf
William H. Macy



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