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120 Minutes


This searing, powerful drama of American soldiers in Vietnam won four 1986 Oscars(R), including Best Picture. Charlie Sheen plays a young, idealistic recruit who wants to test himself on the battlefield--and gets much more than he bargained for. Tom Berenger and Willem Dafoe were both Oscar(R)-nominated for Best Supporting Actor for their roles as very different sergeants.


Andrew B. Clark
Basile Achara
Bernardo Manalili
Bob Orwig
Charlie Sheen
Chris Castillejo
Chris Pedersen
Clarisa Ortacio
Corey Glover
Corey Glover
Corkey Ford
Dale Dye
David Neidorf
Forest Whitaker
Francesco Quinn
Ivan Kane
J. Adam Glover
James Terry Mcilvain
John C. Mcginley
Johnny Depp
Keith David
Kevin Dillon
Kevin Eshelman
Li Mai Thao
Li Thi Van
Mark Moses
Matthew Westfall
Nick Nicholson
Oliver Stone
Paul Sanchez
Peter Hicks
Reggie Johnson
Reggie Johnson
Remy Sevilla
Richard Edson
Romy Sevilla
Ron Barracks
Steve Barredo
Terry Mcilvain
Than Rogers
Tom Berenger
Tony Todd
Warren Mclean
Willem Dafoe



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