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Beautiful Creatures

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124 Minutes


A strange recurring dream haunts Ethan Wate in his sleep, but he prefers anything to his waking life. Trapped in a small, conservative Southern town with his withdrawn father, Ethan desperately wants to escape. Then the beautiful Lena Duchannes arrives at his school, and mysterious events begin to occur. Lena has a secret: she is a Caster with powers beyond her control. Worse, when she reaches her 16th birthday, she will be claimed by either the Light or the Dark . . . and there is no escaping her fate in this supernatural love story.


Alden Ehrenreich
Alice Englert
Billy Wheelan
Christopher Darby
Cindy Hogan
Cole Burden
Eileen Atkins
Emma Thompson
Emmy Rossum
Gwendolyn Mulamba
Jackie Tuttle
Jeremy Irons
Kyle Gallner
Lance E. Nichols
Leslie Castay
Margo Martindale
Pruitt Taylor Vince
Rachel Brosnahan
Randy Redd
Robin Skye
Sam Gilroy
Thomas Mann
Tiffany Boone
Viola Davis
Zoey Deutch



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