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Roger Dodger

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106 Minutes


Set in Manhattan, Roger Dodger takes a comic look at the male ego and the art of manipulating women. Campbell Scott stars as Roger, a sharp-witted advertising copywriter who can talk his way into any skirt. Which is exactly why his nephew, Nick, pays him a visit. With Nick's virginity at stake, Roger takes him out for a one-night crash course in seduction, only to realize he still has quite a lot to learn about women...and himself.


Ato Essandoh
Ben Shenkman
Campbell Scott
Chris Stack
Colin Fickes
Courtney Simon
Elizabeth Berkley
Flora Diaz
Gabriel Millman
Isabella Rossellini
Jennifer Beals
Jesse Eisenberg
Juliet Morgan
Libby Larson
Lisa Emery
Michelle Six
Mina Badie
Morena Baccarin
Peter Appel
Stephanie Gatschet
Tommy Savas



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