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130 Minutes


MUD is a timeless adventure about two boys, Ellis and his best friend Neckbone, who find a mysterious man named Mud (McConaughey) hiding out on a deserted island in the Mississippi. Mud tells the boys fantastic stories about his life, including how he killed a man in Texas and that vengeful bounty hunters are coming to get him. He says he is planning to meet and escape with the love of his life, Juniper (Witherspoon), who is waiting for him in town. Skeptical but intrigued, Ellis and Neckbone agree to help him. But it isn't long until Mud's tall-tales come to life and their small town is besieged by bounty hunters out for blood.


Bonnie Sturdivant
Jacob Lofland
Joe Don Baker
Matthew Mcconaughey
Michael Abbott Jr.
Michael Shannon
Paul Sparks
Ray Mckinnon
Reese Witherspoon
Sam Shepard
Sarah Paulson
Stuart Greer
Tye Sheridan



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