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96 Minutes


First you're hot, then you're not...and then you're Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant). So when the sizzlingest tween-queen on the charts asks the has-been '80s pop sensation to write her a song, he grabs for another chance at stardom. Problem: Alex can say it with music, but he sure can't say it with words. Enter Sophie Fisher (Drew Barrymore, his beguiling if quirky plant lady, who has a green thumb for lyrics. Together, they go after songwriting success -- and discover that if you want to write the perfect love song, it helps to fall in love. With Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore at the keyboard and Marc Lawrence (Two Weeks Notice) directing, Music and Lyrics is a witty, wacky romantic comedy that faces the music...and laughs!


Aasif Mandvi
Adam Grupper
Amanda Florian
Andrew Wyatt
Ariana Bernstein
Bernadette Lords
Bill Chemerka
Billy Griffith
Brad Garrett
Brianna Leann Florian
Brooke Tansley
Campbell Scott
Carlos Velazquez
Carly Lang
Charlotte Maier
Chris J. Cullen
Chris Moss
Dan Karaty
Dan Mcmillan
Daniel Karaty
Daniel Stewart Sherman
David Miguel Estrada
Drew Barrymore
Emma Lesser
Haley Bennett
Hugh Grant
Jason Antoon
Jeannine Kaspar
Jeremy Karson
Johnathan Hallgrey
Katherine Hoskins Mackey
Kathleen Mcnenny
Kent Sladyk
Kristen Johnston
Lanette Ware
Linda Lee
Lou Torres
Marc C. Cancassi
Matthew Morrison
Michael Ciesla
Monique Lea-Gall
Nick Bacon
Nick Kenkel
Nina Lafarga
Peter Conboy
Reed Kelly
Robert Sciglimpaglia
Sarah Mitchell
Scott Porter
Seth Stewart
Spenser Leigh
Stephen Detherage
Stevie Ray Dallimore
Suzi Lorraine
Tiffany Ashley Florian
Tom Foligno
Toni Trucks
Zak Orth



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