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3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain

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93 Minutes


3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain is a 1998 American martial arts film, and the fourth and last installment in the 3 Ninjas franchise. High Noon at Mega Mountain starred only three of the original actors and was directed by Sean McNamara. None of the child actors from the previous films returned for this installment. The film grossed US$ $375,805 domestically, making it the least profitable of the franchise by far. It was filmed in Denver, Colorado at Elitch Gardens Amusement Park.


Aimee J. Nelson
Alan Mcrae
Andrea Zondler
Anthony Fiorino
Brendan O'Brien
Brian Anglin
Carl L. Williams
Charles Hudson
Chelsey Earlywine
Craig Price
Craig Shugart
Dan Shadwell
Dawn Merrick
Denis Berkfeldt
Duke Jackson
Dwayne Carrington
Ed Anderson
Emily Roeske
Greg Backstrom
Henry Pawlak
Holly Johnson
Hulk Hogan
J. Bryan Morse
Jacqueline Woods
James Gale
James Paul Roeske Ii
Jeff Krebs
Jim Dirker
Jim Varney
Joseph Ackler
Kenneth Hogue
Kim Richard Draves
Kirk Baily
Lawrence E. Galleoos
Lindsay Felton
Loni Anderson
Margarita Franco
Mary Jasionowski
Mathew Botuchis
Michael O'Laskey Ii
Michael Vecqueray
Pat Mahoney
Patrick Adamson
Rick Wiles
Robert Himber
Roy Yerbey
Syntrell Ryder
Travis Mckenna
Victor Wong



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