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Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

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113 Minutes


George Clooney (OCEAN'S ELEVEN), Drew Barrymore (CHARLIE'S ANGELS: FULL THROTTLE), and Sam Rockwell (THE GREEN MILE), star in the comedy thriller that poses an irresistible question: What would happen if a wildly successful TV producer was also a topsecret CIA assassin? While a maverick creator of America's favorite game shows gains notoriety for his smash television hits, he is also drawn into a shadowy world of danger as a covert government operative! But soon his life begins to spiral out of control both of them! Directed by George Clooney and based on Chuck Barris' cultclassic autobiography, with a script by Charlie Kaufman (ADAPTATION), this entertaining hit delivers comedy to keep you laughing . . . and intrigue to keep you guessing!


Andy Quesnel
Anna Silk
Brad Pitt
David Julian Hirsh
Dick Clark
Dino Tosques
Drew Barrymore
George Clooney
Ilona Elkin
Jaye P. Morgan
Jennifer Hall
Jerry Weintraub
Julia Roberts
Linda Tomassone
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Matt Damon
Michael Cera
Michael Ensign
Michelle Sweeney
Rachelle Lefevre
Richard Kind
Rutger Hauer
Sam Rockwell
Sean Tucker
Steve Adams
Steve Adams



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