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The Wandering Swordsman

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108 Minutes


In this thrilling martial arts twist on the tale of Robin Hood, a charismatic highwayman (Death Duel and Shaolin Temple's David Chiang) with formidable sword skills decides to help the poor by robbing from thieves and distributing the wealth. This plan doesn't sit well with the criminals, who band together to stop him. Fortunately, our hero has a powerful blade on his side, not to mention popular beauty Lily Li (Black Magic) at his side. A high-spirited blend of action, romance, and comedy, this Shaw Brothers classic from fearless director Chang Cheh (Five Deadly Venoms) is a timeless example of pure high-voltage entertainment.


Bolo Yeung
Chan Sing
Cheng Lui
Cheung Pooi-Saan
Cliff Lok
David Chiang
Hsu Hsia
Huang Pei-Chih
Hung Lau
Lan Wei-Lieh
Lau Gong
Lily Li Li-Li
Pei-Shan Chang
Tung Li
Wang Kuang-Yu
Wong Chung
Wu Ma



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