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The Dictator

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83 Minutes


The creators and star of Borat bring you the hilarious comedy about what happens when the worldʼs worst dictator comes to America. Stuck in New York and stripped of his power, Aladeen (Sacha Baron Cohen) is finally forced to live his ultimate nightmare…the American dream.


Aasif Mandvi
Adeel Akhtar
Alex Kruz
Anna Faris
Anna Katarina
Ben Kingsley
Bobby Lee
Chris Elliott
Chris Parnell
Edward Norton
Fred Armisen
Fred Melamed
Garry Shandling
Horatio Sanz
Jason Mantzoukas
Jenny L. Saldaña
Jessica St. Clair
Joey Slotnick
John C. Reilly
Kathryn Hahn
Kevin Corrigan
Megan Fox
Michelle Bergh
Mitchell Greene
Olivia Taylor Dudley
Rizwan Manji
Sacha Baron Cohen
Sayed Badreya
Seth Morris
Sondra James
Susan Sykes



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