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The Big Bus

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88 Minutes


A wonderful spoof of disaster films, The Big Bus is about the world's first nuclear-powered bus - a 75-ton monster on 32 enormous wheels - and its maiden journey from New York to Denver. Jockeying the world's greatest bus, of course, is the world's greatest bus driver. His co-pilot is given to sudden blackouts and has a penchant for driving on the shoulder of the road. A pair of evil-doers vow to destroy the bus at the outset, thus providing lots of hilarious suspense.


An Tsan Hu
Bart Carpinelli
Bob Dishy
Chuck Bergansky
Erin Kathleen O'Reilly
Eugenie Ross-Leming
Gregory C. Johnson
Harold Gould
Howard Hesseman
Jerry Dewilde
Jess Nadelman
John Beck
José Ferrer
Joseph Bologna
Karalee Fenske
Larry Hagman
Laurie Hagen
Lynn Redgrave
Mary Charlotte Wilcox
Michael W. Schwartz
Murphy Dunne
Ned Beatty
Rene Auberjonois
Richard B. Shull
Richard Mulligan
Ruth Gordon
Sally Kellerman
Stockard Channing
Stuart Margolin
Vic Tayback
Vincent Milana
Walter Brooke
Walter Lott



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