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92 Minutes


ANGEL is George Katakouzinos' ground breaking, boldly told tragedy of innocence betrayed. It is the first openly gay film in Greek history to have received major theatrical distribution both domestically and abroad. Angel, a young handsome Athenian, attempts to escape his abusive alcoholic father and the grinding poverty of his daily life by falling in love with a macho sailor who promises him a better life. But survival on the margins proves risky and difficult, so Angel's lover persuades him to work the streets as a transvestite prostitute in order to make ends meet. After a series of dangerous and humiliating encounters, Angel revolts in a sudden bust of shocking and cathartic violence. One of the most successful films in Greece history, ANGEL beautifully spotlights a nocturnal Athens of street hustlers and garish bars.


Alan Devlin
Derek Lord
Donal Mccann
Honor Heffernan
Ian Mcelhinney
Lise-Ann Mclaughlin
Marie Kean
Peter Caffrey
Ray Mcanally
Sorcha Cusack
Stephen Rea
Tony Rohr
Veronica Quilligan



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