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My Sisters

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88 Minutes


How should you spend your time if your days are numbered? This is the question facing Linda, a young woman suffering from a congenital heart defect. Contrary to her doctors' expectations she has managed to survive to celebrate her thirtieth birthday, but with an operation looming, Linda nonetheless feels a deep need to spend what might be her last weekend with her two sisters: Katharina who is older, and Clara who is younger than her. Linda must use their journey, which begins at their family's weekend house and ends in Paris, to examine the ways in which her family has been fundamentally affected by her illness; she must also consider how much she can expect from herself and her sisters – faced as they are with the possibility of her death.


Angela Winkler
Anton Pleva
Béatrice Dalle
Christian Ahlers
Elias Arens
Jördis Triebel
Karl Kraume
Lisa Hagmeister
Maike Bollow
Nele Mueller-Stöfen
Nina Kunzendorf
Stephan Grossmann

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