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Adam Resurrected

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106 Minutes


Jeff Goldblum (Jurassic Park, The Fly) as Adam Stein delivers one of the most powerful performances of his career in this compelling, unforgettably moving film. Tormented in a World War II concentration death camp by a high-ranking Nazi officer (Oscar nominee Willem Dafoe, Spider-Man), Adam spends the next 15 years tucked away in a remote experimental insane asylum with fellow Holocaust victims. Clinging to the remains of his sanity, Adam uses his amazing magic and comic skills to entertain the residents and develops a relationship with an attractive nurse (Ayelet Zurer, Angels & Demons). But only when he reaches out to a mentally scarred young boy does he begin to confront his own pain and guilt and start to heal in this extraordinary testament to the fierce resilience of the human spirit.


Adam S. Gottbetter
Ayelet Zurer
Coca Bloos
Constantin Florescu
Cristian Motiu
Derek Jacobi
Dror Keren
Ehud Bleiberg
Gabriel Spahiu
George Remes
Hana Laszlo
Idan Alterman
Ioana Abur
Ion Arcudeanu
Ion Arcudeanu
Jeff Goldblum
Jenya Dodina
Joachim Król
Juliane Köhler
Luana Stoica
Mickey Leon
Moritz Bleibtreu
Ozana Oancea
Shmuel Edelman
Theodor Danetti
Tudor Rapiteanu
Veronica Ferres
Willem Dafoe
Yoram Toledano



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