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Annie Hall

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93 Minutes


Writer-director-actor Woody Allen is in prime form in this celebrated comedy in which he portrays a neurotic, highly insecure and indecisive comedy writer who falls head over heels in love with a naive small-town "girl" (Diane Keaton) who wants to be a singer. The opening rounds of their relationship involve every romantic cliche (hilariously re-created by Allen). Keaton's horrified parents snub the nerd-ish city slicker who loves their daughter, but they move in together, anyway. Insecure Allen is so sure he will lose Keaton that he interprets her every move as rejection. As Keaton's self-confidence grows, Allen's progressively fades. Keaton debuts as a singer, is "discovered" by a record tycoon and agrees to move to Hollywood and live with him. Now Allen has really lost her.


Alan Landers
Albert M. Ottenheimer
Bernie Styles
Beverly D'Angelo
Bob Maroff
Carol Kane
Charles Levin
Chris Gampel
Christine Jones
Christopher Walken
Colleen Dewhurst
Dan Ruskin
Diane Keaton
Dick Cavett
Donald Symington
Gary Allen
Gary Mule Deer
Harrison Ressler
Helen Ludlam
Humphrey Davis
Hy Anzell
James Burge
James Mackrell
Janet Margolin
Jeff Goldblum
Jim Mckrell
Joan Neuman
John Dennis Johnston
John Doumanian
John Glover
Johnny Haymer
Jonathan Munk
Kathryn Janssen
Laurie Bird
Loretta Tupper
Lucy Lee Flippin
Mark Lenard
Marshall Mcluhan
Martin Rosenblatt
Mary Boylan
Michael Aronin
Michael Karm
Mordecai Lawner
Paul Simon
Paula Trueman
Rashel Novikoff
Riccardo Bertoni
Rick Petrucelli
Roger Newman
Russell Horton
Ruth Volner
Shelley Duvall
Shelley Hack
Sigourney Weaver
Tony Roberts
Tracey Walter
Ved Bandhu
Veronica Radburn
Vinny O'Brien
Walter Bernstein
Wendy Girard
William Callaway
Woody Allen



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