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Crazy n' the City

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100 Minutes


Eason Chan, pop diva Joey Yung and Francis Ng star in this police action comedy. Jack (Chan) is a Hong Kong beat cop who is getting weary of his mundane job routine until a new cadet, Liu (Yung), comes along and becomes his partner. Liu's dedication and devotion to her line of duty changes Jack's outlook on his work and his life. The two of them must also keep their district safe when a serial killer of single women is on the loose. CRAZY 'N THE CITY is a hypnotic combination of humor, romance and action


Alex Fong Chung-Sun
Chin Ka-Lok
Chloe Chiu Suet-Fei
Crystal Tin Yue-Lai
Daichi Harashima
Ding Yue
Eason Chan
Elena Kong
Ella Koon
Francis Ng
Henry Fong Ping
Joey Yung
Kara Hui
Kristal Tin
Lam Suet
Liu Kai-Chi
Sam Lee
Shiu Hung Hui
Waise Lee
Yan Ng
Yan Ng Yat-Yin
Zhang Meng
Zhang Meng



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