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138 Minutes


Having previously collaborated on "A Summer Place," a film that helped define romantic love for a generation of moviegoers, writer/director Delmer Daves and teen idol Troy Donahue re-teamed to tell this story of an ambitious young man determined to make his fortune. He enters high society with little more than his name, his hopes, and the love of his doting mother (Claudette Colbert in her last feature film role). Juggling and struggling with relationships with no fewer than three young women along the way, he ultimately enlists the support of a savvy tobacco grower in his dangerous confrontation with a ruthless tycoon.


Bess Flowers
Bibi Osterwald
Carroll O'Connor
Claudette Colbert
Connie Stevens
David Knapp
Dean Jagger
Diane Mcbain
Dub Taylor
Hampton Fancher
Hayden Rorke
Hope Summers
Karl Malden
Leoda Richards
Madeleine Sherwood
Saundra Edwards
Sharon Hugueny
Sylvia Miles
Troy Donahue



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