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Bulldog Drummond in Africa

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58 Minutes


The thrills pile up very fast in Bulldog Drummond In Africa (1938), as Capt. (ret.) Hugh "Bulldog" Drummond (John Howard), with his fiancee Phyllis (Heather Angel) and valet Algy (Reginald Denny) are off to Africa to help find Hugh's old friend Col. Nielson (H. B. Warner) of Scotland Yard, who has been kidnapped. Drummond may be there to assist, but he isn't get any help or encouragement from the powers-that-be in the government, and has to go rogue to save his friend. The action is good, brisk fun, and adding to the pleasures are the presence of a young Anthony Quinn, character actor Neil Fitzgerald (Bride of Frankenstein), and actor/singer Fortunio Bonanova (Citizen Kane).


Anthony Quinn
E.E. Clive
Evan Thomas
Forrester Harvey
Fortunio Bonanova
Gerald Rogers
H.B. Warner
J. Carrol Naish
Jean De Briac
John Howard
Konstantin Shayne
Leonard Carey
Matthew Boulton
Michael Brooke
Michael Brooke
Michael Vallon
Michael Vallon
Neil Fitzgerald
Paul Porcasi
Rafael Storm
Reginald Denny
Rudolf Myzet
Wilhelm Von Brincken



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