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25 Hill

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108 Minutes


Corbin Bernsen leads an all-star cast in 25 Hill, a testament to those with the faith to stay committed to beliefs they hold dear. 12 year-old Trey Caldwell is shattered when his soldier father is killed in Afghanistan. But when friends introduce Trey to Roy Gibbs, a Fire Chief devastated by the loss of his son on 9/11, a new relationship forms and old wounds finally begin to heal.


Amber Mikesell
Andrew Nelisse
Bailee Madison
Brad Raider
Cathy Kondik
Corbin Bernsen
David Gillmore
Dayton Romanos
Finley Bernsen
James Greilick
James P. Mckenzie
Jerry Baxter
Karin Boesler
Keith Fausnaught
Kelleigh Miller
Ken Mcdonald
Logan Fry
Matt Patrick
Maureen Flannigan
Meg Foster
Michael Tucker
Nathan Gamble
Peter Lawson Jones
Phil Kibbe
Ralph Waite
Rolonda Watts
Ronal Fergeson
Ross Russell
Scott Sherwood
Stan Barrett
Sue Danna Myer
Timothy Omundson
Tina Grimm
Tyler Murphy
Winston Au



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