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The Young Americans

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103 Minutes


The London police is having trouble with organized crime commited by juvenile delinquents. Their leader is an American who is an expert at turning young men into ruthless gangsters. American cop John Harris is asked to help the London police to break up the organization.


Adrian Lucas
Anna Keaveney
Christopher Adamson
Clifford Predgen
Craig Kelly
Daniel Kruyer
Dave Duffy
David Doyle
Diana Lee Barra
Dig Wayne
Femi Akinyeni
Fleur Taylor
Geoffrey Mcgivern
Harvey Keitel
Huggy Leaver
Iain Glen
James Duggan
Jean Elton
Jo Hildon
John Brobbey
John Forgeham
John Wood
Karina Cryer
Keith Allen
Matthew Marsden
Miles Petit
Nick Burnell
Nigel Clauzel
Norman Roberts
Phil Lonagan
Rachel Teasdale
Samantha Lambley
Steve Aston
Terence Rigby
Thandie Newton
Toni Palmer
Viggo Mortensen
Zoe Anastasis



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