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Gunsmoke Ranch

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53 Minutes


When a small town is ravaged by flood, a fast-talking huckster named Phineus T. Flagg sees the loss as a chance for gain. Promising 40-acre tracts of land for no money down in a place called Gunsmoke Valley, Flagg spins a deal that seems too good to be true -- and it is. But there's still time to uncover the ruse, thanks to help from do-gooders Stony Brooke, Tucson Smith and Lullaby Joslin, known collectively as the Three Mesquiteers.


Fred 'Snowflake' Toones
Allen Connor
Bob Card
Bud Mcclure
Budd Buster
Burr Caruth
Duke Taylor
Ed 'Oscar' Platt
Edward Peil Sr.
Eva Mckenzie
Fred Burns
Fred Parker
Horace B. Carpenter
Jack Ingram
Jack Kirk
Jack O'Shea
Jack Padjan
Jane Keckley
Jean Carmen
John Merton
June Johnson
Kenneth Harlan
Lee Ford
Loren Riebe
Lou Fulton
Max Terhune
Peggy Mckim
Ray Corrigan
Richard Beach
Robert Livingston
Robert Mckenzie
Robert Walker
Robert Walker
Sammy Mckim
Silver Tip Baker
Wes Warner
William Mccall
Yakima Canutt



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