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The Man Who Laughs

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93 Minutes


In the midst of a winter's storm, Ursus, a colourful itinerant showman, kindly offers shelter to two young orphans. They are Gwynplaine, a boy with a facial scar that has the appearance of a permanent smile, and a blind girl named Déa. Some years later, the trio are still together, giving shows the length and breadth of the country. Now a grown man, Gwynplaine has become a star and delights his audiences. But his success threatens to drive him ever further away from the two people who love him for himself, Déa and Ursus...


Arben Bajraktaraj
Brice Fournier
Christa Theret
Christèle Tual
Emmanuelle Seigner
Fanie Zanini
Gérard Depardieu
Josef Bradna
Marc-André Grondin
Markéta Hrubešová
Miroslav Táborský
Pierre Peyrichout
Romain Morelli
Serge Merlin
Swann Arlaud
Vincent De Bouard
Vladimír Javorský
Zuzana Bydžovská



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