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National Lampoon's Animal House

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109 Minutes


One of the most popular movie comedies of all time is also the film that made John Belushi a star. This raunchy, screwball comedy, directed with madcap zest by John Landis, offers a relentless spoof of 1960's college life by following the hilarious adventures of the Delta fraternity. In addition to Belushi as "Bluto" Blutarsky, the outstanding cast includes Tim Matheson, Tom Hulce, Stephen "Flounder" Furst, Karen Allen, Donald Sutherland, Peter Riegert and Kevin Bacon, along with Otis Day and the Knights with their show-stopping performance of "Shout."


Aseneth Jurgenson
Bruce Bonnheim
Bruce Mcgill
Cesare Danova
Chris Miller
Donald Sutherland
Douglas Kenney
Eliza Roberts
Helen Vick
James Daughton
James Widdoes
Jebidiah R. Dumas
John Belushi
John Freeman
John Landis
John Vernon
Joshua Daniel
Karen Allen
Katherine Denning
Kevin Bacon
Lisa Baur
Mark Metcalf
Martha Smith
Mary Louise Weller
Otis Day
Peter Riegert
Priscilla Lauris
Raymone Robinson
Reginald Farmer
Rick Eby
Rick Greenough
Robert Elliott
Sarah Holcomb
Sean Mccartin
Stacy Grooman
Stephen Bishop
Stephen Furst
Sunny Johnson
Tim Matheson
Tom Hulce
Verna Bloom



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