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117 Minutes


BROTHERS (the basis for Jim Sheridan's recent remake starring Natalie Portman, Jake Gyllenhaal and Toby Maguire) tells the story of 2 very different brothers: Jannik, a drunken loser who has just been released from prison for bank robbery and assault; and Michael, a well-respected army major and family man, with a wife, Sarah (Nielsen), and 2 kids. When Michael is sent to Afghanistan to rescue a captured soldier, his helicopter is shot down and he is assumed to have been KIA. The news devastates Sarah, and Jannik becomes more reckless before stepping in to help her and the kids build a new life. But as Jannik and Sarah grow close, it is discovered that Michael has survived--and has done something that haunts him and threatens everything and everyone.


Alex Caan
Alexis Rodney
André Babikian
Bent Mejding
Bjarne Antonisen
Claus Flygare
Connie Nielsen
Hassani Shapi
Henrik Koefoed
Hossein Karimbeik
Karzan Sherbayani
Lars Hjortshøj
Lars Ranthe
Laura Bro
Lene Maria Christensen
Michael Asmussen
Morten Hebsgaard
Morten Kirkskov
Niels Lund Boesen
Niels Olsen
Nikolaj Lie Kaas
Paw Henriksen
Philip Bulcock
Rasmus Botoft
Rebecca Løgstrup
Sam Vincenti
Sarah Juel Werner
Scott Farrell
Solbjørg Højfeldt
Thomas Magnussen
Thomas Magnussen
Tobias Theodor Caspersen
Tom Mannion
Ulrich Thomsen
Waleed Elgadi



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